4 Signs You Need New Brakes

It is important to schedule repair when something goes wrong with your car because damage affects the vehicle in many ways. However, some services simply cannot wait when the signs say it is time to make a repair. The brakes are one of the components of the vehicle that need immediate attention when it is time to replace. Without good brakes on the car, stopping doesn’t happen easily and a wreck may be the result. Pay attention to your vehicle and if you noise the 4 signs below, make sure you call a pro to schedule brake replacement seattle at once.

1.  Squealing/Squeaking Noises

The brakes should not have any noise. You haven’t heard any noises up to this point and when these strange sounds suddenly start, they do so because there is trouble. They want you to listen and you should. The sooner you repair the brakes, the better you will stop and the peace of mind you will again enjoy.

2.  Trouble Stopping

If you notice that the vehicle does not stop as easily as it did at one time, you may want to heed the notice that trouble lurks beneath the surface.  You should also schedule service if the vehicle pulls to one side because this is usually indication that something is wrong with the brakes.

3.  Leaks

brake replacement seattle

When a brake leak occurs, it is trouble. You shouldn’t ignore a leak and hope that it goes away. This only allows the problem to get worse because it won’t fix itself. Call a pro to make a repair.

4.  Thin Brake Pads

Examine the brakes on the vehicle. If the pads are thin and barely noticeable, don’t wait to call a professional to schedule service for replacement. Without the brake pads on the car, stopping is hard.